Sunday, March 29, 2015

happy list

In my last post, I wrote about how acknowledging and talking about our hard things can make those hard things easier.  I believe this.  I also talked about accepting what is.  I really believe this.  But I also believe in seeking after and acknowledging our happy things, because if we don’t, I’ve found that it’s easy to miss them completely.  I’ve never forgotten advice I heard years ago: joy does not precede gratitude – gratitude precedes joy.  With that in mind, I’ve decided to find one specific thing I’m grateful for each day, and compose a weekly list. 

My happy list:

Monday date nights in Provo

Experiencing an early morning feeling refreshed enough to get out of bed and make smoothies (This only happened because I fell asleep before 9PM the night before)

A husband that drives all the way from SLC to Provo to pick me up, just so I don’t have to commute home alone

A friend who perfectly understands the experience of infertility

Three amazing students who showed up to class for Friday’s peer review and made my job worthwhile. It was such a good hour. I kept thinking, “I really love my job.”

Yard work. It’s weird – I know, but I love weeding, watering, and landscaping.  Saturday was the first time I’ve spent the day in the yard this year.

Sunday naps and coke

Monday, March 23, 2015

#nofilter: on sharing, infertility, and accepting

^^ One of my favorite photos from when we were dating

I often fall asleep writing essays in my head.  Most of the time, these essays stay tucked away, never to be read by anyone, and sometimes never to even be written.  Lately, I've felt like writing more of these essays down on paper and even sharing some of them.  In the digital world, it can be hard to walk the tightrope between what is personal and what is public. Although I have a Facebook, instagram, Pinterest, and this blog, I usually lean toward keeping things personal, except of course for when it comes to the "happier" moments in life - birthdays, homemade desserts that actually turn out, vacations that look glamorous under a filter - you know, those kinds of things.  Tears, stress, anxiety, and the many mundane hours of the day are rarely shared in such public places such as instagram or Facebook, and for good reasons.  We share what we want to remember - revising our memories sometimes as we create them - and usually we'd rather remember (and have others see) our happier moments. However, for me, sometimes sharing and viewing all of the positive moments in our own and other's lives makes the hard things harder.  Although most of the time I enjoy the inspiration that comes from being constantly exposed to other's achievements and joys, sometimes, our hard things can feel more lonely as a result. With that being said, I decided to share one of those "essays" I wrote a few weeks ago in my head that ended up on paper. Sometimes sharing our positive moments helps us through difficult situations, and sometimes sharing our less positive moments helps, too. After two failed artificial inseminations, this is a case of the latter.  


We did our first iui February 1, 2015. My RE said AF was supposed to arrive 14dpiui; instead, she came 15 dpiui, which gave me and my DH more hope than usual for 24 hours straight. During those 24 hours, I kept telling myself: PUPO.  Today marks CD8.  In translation: My “DH” (dear husband) and I are going through infertility treatments, and I’ve officially reached the point of obsessively reading online infertility forums. 

Besides learning a new language in acronyms, we’ve adopted words like clomid, letrozole, follicles, andrology, vericoceles, morphology, and motility into our daily lives over the last several years. 

To make a long story short, cumulatively between not preventing, sorta trying, and really trying, we’ve “tried” for over two years to get pregnant (thirty months, to be exact). Honestly, it didn’t become hard until about nine months ago when we learned there were anatomical things going on preventing us from getting pregnant on our own (unfortunately, it’s not “stress” like so many well-intentioned people assume).  Since then, our experience trying to get pregnant has become very different from what I expected it would be like – romantic, exciting, even na├»ve to some extent.  Instead, it’s become a carefully calculated science where we could literally get pregnant without even having to see each other in the same day.

Essentially, here’s how it works: Each month after being pumped full of hormones, I am basically poked and prodded for different things at different times throughout the month.  The first poking happens through an ultrasound, where instead of anxiously checking on a baby, we hope for at least one mature follicle, which is a sign of a mature egg about to ovulate.  A few days later, I’m given a trigger shot to ensure ovulation 36 hours before the insemination, and finally, a catheter to my uterus performs the insemination after Tanner, you know, does his thing.  After all is poked and prodded, we wait for two weeks, hoping for a “BFP” (big fat positive).  If we get a disappointing “BFN” (big fat negative), we feel sorry for ourselves for a couple of days, and then we start the process over. 

More annoying than the physical process of poking and prodding is the waiting, because it is like being in a constant state of limbo – except you know exactly what you want, which makes it that much harder to wait patiently.  Meanwhile, it seems like everyone you know is getting pregnant – and while you truly are happy for each one of them – it is also a reminder of your own desires that feel like they are becoming more and more unreachable, even if they are not. There’s just no way to know for sure. Besides, even if you could know, all your synthetically-charged hormonal emotions wouldn’t listen to logic anyway. Honestly, I do believe it will work out one way or another and we will be content with whatever that is, but that doesn’t always translate to a feeling of peace, and as much as I believe in the future, I believe in accepting and living whatever is happening in the present. And oftentimes the present is hopeful, but other times it’s disappointing, discouraging, or unfortunately, full of jealousy.  

One thing I’ve learned is that it is what it is until it is what we make of it, and right now, I haven’t made anything of it, so it is what it is.  We go to late night movies. We make dinner together. We stay up too late, and I sleep in too late. We plan trips on a whim. We spend hours watching Netflix. We eat out when we feel like it. We get brunch on Saturdays (and that’s the only reason we get out of bed).  We go on dates every night of the week. And as quickly as we’d swap a baby for our current way of life, what it is means doing our best at waiting by living in our present, even the hard parts.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Moved blog!

For anyone interested, I have (kind of) started blogging here every now and then!

Our 7th Home and First House

In the five years we have been married, Tanner and I have moved seven times. So, we have had a lot of homes together.  This summer, however, we bought our first house, which means we hopefully won't be moving for a long while.  The house is in great condition in most ways, but cosmetically, it needs a lot of work, so ever since we moved in a few weeks ago, we have spent all our free time working on projects.  So far, we have painted three rooms, a kitchen, and a hallway, installed new floors, and today I started painting our kitchen cabinets on a whim.  We still have two more rooms to paint, carpet to install in the bedrooms, and several other smaller projects.  I'm starting to see it come together, and I can't wait for it to be done!  Here are some pictures of our progress.

Before: Here is the project I was most excited about. This room was dark and ugly with wood paneling everywhere, red tile floors, and giant old speakers that weren't connected to any sort of sound system. I really wonder what this room was used for??

 After with paint, feels so much better

With different floors (that I'm in love with), even better

Before: The front room wasn't nearly as bad to begin with.

After: Again, I am obsessed with these floors.

I am really proud of this room because it was actually my idea (and not Pinterest's...) to use the cube shelf as a room divider to create a little foyer in the front room.  

And during all the chaos of paint and flooring, Madison and Louis came to visit! At one point, Madison asked me where the trash was, and I told her the kitchen floor - and I was not joking even a little.  It has come a long way the past week.

Although buying a house has been an overwhelming process from start to finish, it has been a lot of fun making our home totally ours.  When everything is all set up, I'll take more pictures of the house and post some more photos.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I used to blog a little here and there at, and then, I kinda just stopped two years ago.  Although I was never very good at actually keeping up a blog, I have missed it from time to time - I have even drafted several posts to re-enter the blogging world, but I always felt awkward posting after so many years of not blogging.  Now, two-plus years later, I've decided to officially start up again - so, welcome!  Now that I've finally broken the ice, expect to see sporadic posts about house projects, food, and other random stuff about our life.

Friday, April 6, 2012

April Snow Days & Maxi Dresses

We woke up to this morning to snow so I thought what better way to overcome the it's-supposed-to-be-spring-because-it's-april-but-it-snowed blues by listing one of my most recent and favorite finds - a positively summer maxi dress.  If only it fit me...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Shop Update

 1970s striped blouse

1970s polka dot bow blouse

Like I said, it is a slow work in progress, but here are a couple of additions.  The hardest part for me about starting this store is that I want to keep everything!  I had an especially hard time parting with the polka dot blouse - it really is so cute and flattering on.  Let's just say it's usually better if I find things that don't fit me...
 Available @ 10thandGrand!